The life of Business Analyst Contractors

Business analyst contractors are normally employed on a short-term basis by businesses to undergo projects which last around 6 months. Business analyst contractors are valuable in a short-term project as the majority of them hold skills which the in-house team do not have. Business analysts help to improve an organisations productivity and are needed in both small and large projects. Business analyst contractors are in demand and continuing to rise due to the benefits that they provide businesses and themselves.

The life of Business Analyst Contractors

Roles and Responsibilities   

Business analyst contractors have the responsibility of improving an organisation by identifying business needs and problems. Once identified, they can improve systems, processes and strategies through using a variety of tech and soft skills. A business analyst contractor will work alongside a project manager and software developers that will help them to understand requirements and solutions which are needed for the project. They will also find themselves responsible for other business functions such as:

  • Finding information that is needed to solve an issue
  • Developing and monitoring those solutions
  • Writing reports that document recommendations for the organisation
  • Keeping up to date with new technical processes and advancements
  • Interviewing and working closely with clients throughout the project
  • Monitoring projects
  • Creating documents that state information given in meetings


It is typical for business analyst contractors to hold a bachelor’s degree in either an IT based or business-related subject. However, it has been known for some business analyst contractors to work their way up in other departments before becoming a business analyst. If you are looking to become a business analyst, then there are some courses which may be beneficial to you to help develop your skills and overall knowledge.

  • IIBA Certification
  • CBAP Certification
  • BCS Certification

These certifications will give you a recognised qualification in business analysis. If you don’t have any knowledge in business analysis, then taking these courses will help you to progress and develop an understanding of the path you want to take. The courses involve all different levels, so it will be easy to start at the bottom and work your way up.


The salary of business analyst contractors will depend on several factors, like any other occupation. The factors could include the location of the job role, the industry you’re working in and the level of experience you have to perform the role.

An entry level business analyst contractor will typically work on small projects and are expected to have between 0-12 months experience. Their salary would vary around £250 a day if they were to work in London.

A mid-level business analyst contractor would typically work on a few projects being large and small and understand different types of tools. They would have experience of between 12-36 months and be on a salary of £300 a day if they were to work in London.

Senior level business contractor will plan activities and lead the projects as well as being familiar with project management skills. They will have experience of at least 4+ years and would be on a salary of around £350-£450 a day.

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