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What is a Business Analyst?

Business Analysis can be defined as the practice of enabling change in an enterprise by recommending solutions and defining needs to deliver to stakeholders. Business Analysis enables an organisation to define clear needs and design and describe solutions which are of value. Therefore, a Business Analyst is someone who can carry out these tasks for an organisation no matter their job title or organisation role.

Business Analyst roles vary from companies and the industries they are in. The majority of Business Analysts are responsible for identifying needs that require changing, assessing the impact of those changes and documenting the requirements needed to deliver them the most appropriate people.

The average salary that a Business Analyst can earn is up to £61,000. This however all depends on experience, company, industry and location. The majority of Business Analysts start on an average salary of between £25,000 - £30,000.

Business Analyst Jobs

Qualifications needed to become a Business Analyst

Business Analysts will need qualifications in business studies or related fields. It is recommended to have a business degree to further your career as a Business Analyst, however there are other ways you can become a Business Analyst without a degree. There are a number of training courses you can take that will give you nationally recognised certificates to help you become a Business Analyst. To help identify which course would be suitable for you, it is ideal to know what skills Business Analysts use daily.

Skills needed to become a Business Analyst

Business Analysts use a variety of soft and technical skills when completing their daily responsibilities. Although not every day is the same, there are skills that Business Analysts will use more than others. The soft skills that a Business Analyst would use are:

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Relationship management
  • Time management

The technical skills that a Business Analyst would use vary between analysis tools and techniques. The techniques are used to help Business Analysts identify requirements and to help resolve them. Whereas the analysis tools are systems on which Business Analysts use to complete the techniques.