How machine learning is changing Business Analyst Jobs

Business Analysts have several tools to make their jobs that bit easier all thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. AI and machine learning are available to business analysts to improve the performance of data by learning from it over time. By introducing this, it is possible for AI systems to identify trends within a business and can even make suggestions on how a business can run more effectively.

How machine learning is changing Business Analyst Jobs

AI and machine learning would help to boost the abilities of Business Analysts. By developing analytical models and having software that predicts certain outcomes, it can help to reduce loses for a business. It will change the overall objectives of a Business Analyst, but it will also make the data sets that are set much more precise.

Analysis driven by AI

Machine learning can change the role of a business analyst by making an AI driven analysis tool which can become more accessible to use. The piece of technology will allow for data and a predictive analysis to be carried out in real time without needing advanced knowledge of programming or data analysis. An example of this is like the DataRobot platform, which uses a ‘wizard’ style interface which creates accessibility for those who have little or no experience with machine learning technology. It will enable business analysts to run data through the AI model to produce some of the best solutions at any level of a company.

Once more AI models are created to help Business Analysts, they can also use this kind of technology to assess each model. This way, methods can be fully examined, and the accuracy of each model can be compared so Business Analyst can receive the best results.

Human Innovation

With AI growing and machine learning being such a successful and useful tool, there is a fear that it has the potential to take the place of humans, leaving people out of work or needing to re-train. However, this is not the case for those who are Business Analysts, as machine learning is more likely to make the work performed by humans more important.

For instance, with machine learning, Business Analysts will be able to delegate tasks which may be repetitive or tedious to computers or machines to complete. This not only allows for Business Analysts to pass on responsibility but allows them to have spare time to focus on providing businesses with real innovation and more analytical skills.

Changing Job Market

Despite predictions, machine learning is likely to alter the job market. It will make the role of Business Analysts more global and will allow data analysts to work for businesses in different regions and countries, allowing for a greater diverse talent pool for companies.

There are challenges that have been faced previously that have prevented Business Analysts from reaching out to other countries, like language barriers and time zones. However, machine learning can help these challenges, by assisting language translation and providing automation at all times in the day. With the help of machine learning and online courses for Business Analysts, it will make outsourcing more viable.

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